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OCs, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Reverse 1999, Fragaria Memories, etc

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➸ This account is a mix of personal, art and yume acc
➸ I do massive RTs of artworks
➸ Often post rambles and headcanons
➸ Post RL matters sometimes
➸ Not spoiler or NSFW free
➸ Let me approach you first since I'm quite selective

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➸ You can't differ fictional and reality
➸ You are uncomfy with massive RTs
➸ You dislike yume / Canon x OC
➸ Minors

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FandomYume pairsShip aliases
Genshin ImpactKaedehara Kazuha x Sakuragawa RenKazuRen, kzrn, 🍁🌸
Genshin ImpactWanderer x Hanafuyu AkihaWanAki, wnak, 🌀🐍
Genshin ImpactAlbedo x LaetitiaAlbeTia, alta, 🌻🪄
Genshin ImpactShikanoin Heizou x Haruyuki FuyukaHeiFuyu, hzfy, 🦌🍨
Honkai Star RailYanqing x Huan LingYanHuan, ynhn, 🕊️🦋
Kimetsu no YaibaTokito Muichiro x Kotobuki HanaeMuiHana, mchn, 🈚🍃
Kimetsu no YaibaTokito Yuichiro x Miyazono KanariYuiKana, yckn, 🈶❄️
Reverse 1999X x YXY
Fragaria MemoriesRomarriche x CerephiaRomaCere, rmcr
Fragaria MemoriesCielomort x CerephiaCieloCere, clcr
Fragaria MemoriesChaco x CerephiaChacoCere, chcr

➸ All yume ships listed above are romantic type
➸ Mainly post KazuRen
NO sharing for Kazuha
Other oshis(s) OK sharing for moots only
➸ Fragaria yume contents are only displayed in private acc, DM if you want to be included
➸ I'm not the OIM (oshi is mine) type
➸ Yume lores and gallery: Click any button below! (unmentioned are still in construction)

Lores• Ren was used to be Kazuha's personal maid, made her to be his childhood friend. However, they had to part each other due to her ill mother.• Kazuha walked on his path as the descendant of Kaedehara family, while Ren studied on her own to be a herbalist. Together with her mother, they lived alongside with residents of Konda Village.• But after the collapse of Kaedehara family, Kazuha became a wandering ronin. While Ren got a false accusation that forced her to flew to Liyue.• The reunion of Kazuha with her happened on The Alcor when Kazuha decided to ran away from the Shogunate. From there, they once again share the same page together.• Both of them had stayed with Watatsumi Army to fight the Vision Hunt Decree. And after Inazuma returned to peace, they eventually settled to wander throughout the lands Teyvat together.• Though' she tried to hid it, Ren has a feeling for Kazuha. The man whom she falls in love with knew that, yet decided to not be rush about it.• Whilst Kazuha loves creating poem, Ren will try to turn one of his words into a calligraphy.• At night, when none of them could barely sleep, they would just snuck, sit side by side, and sip warm herbal tea while stargazing in silence.

Platonic ShipStatus
Yoimiya - ThomaBest friends, pyro gang of Inazuma
Sangonomiya KokomiLeader and subordinate in The Resistance
Kamisato AyakaAdmiration
Xiangling - Chongyun - Xingqiu - Hu TaoFriends in Liyue
BeidouJoined in Crux Fleet
Baizhu - QiqiUsed to intern in Bubu Pharmacy
YaoyaoAdored each other very much
Tighnari - ColleiCompanions in herbalism

Lores• The unknowingly descendant of lord Orobashi, and the puppet of Ei had three special meetings.• Before Wanderer became Kunikuzushi, the two of them met on Yashiori Island, exactly near the skull of serpent head. They later wandered together until arriving at Watatsumi Island. While the man settled to continue his journey across Inazuma, Akiha found a place she could call home and stayed with Watatsumi residents.• But it was later known that Akiha had her life longer than most of the people. After Akiha lost all the people who had been together with her for uncountable years, she finally decided to set out from Watatsumi Island. Her fate led her to the second meet with Kunikuzushi. However, he was different from the one she had always been known. Akiha still remembered his old self, but Kunikuzushi had settled to throw away the memories of the past as he would change to be a new person.• The two of them got in the fight, but Akiha lost to him. Although, Kunikuzushi somehow spared her life, which later on she was saved by the abyss traveler.• The third meeting was after the lost of Shouko no Kami. Near the serpent head at Yashiori Island, they once again reunited. Unfortunately, Akiha had her memories about Kunikuzushi removed due to the will of Dendro archon.• Wanderer might still remember everything, and yet he once again introduced himself to Akiha. The page restarted to write once again.

Platonic ShipStatus
Sangonomiya KokomiUsed to serve in Watatsumi Shrine, Akiha considers Kokomi as her own little sister
Kaedehara KazuhaBoth are wanderers
Abyss TravelerWas saved from Scaramouche
Yae MikoDoesn't engage well, Akiha seems to be reluctant to her
NilouDancing buddies
NahidaThesis advisor
DoriUsed to get scammed
KavehScammed buddies

Lores• Fuyuka is the heir candidate of a renowned family restaurant in Inazuma.• Her meeting with the genious detective Shikanoin Heizou was simply happened because Fuyuka was the one who served the whole shogunate during their after work party.• At first, it was only Heizou who protected Fuyuka from the harassment by his peer. The second, they bump onto each other on Inazuma street when Fuyuka returned with a lot of shopping bags. Without they realized, they even had met each other frequently as if the fate was toying with their lives.• One day, Fuyuka's father—the owner of the restaurant—got accused of the food poisoning to the one of customers. The case was quite complicated, however Fuyuka bravely stand out to defend her family and their business. Heizou was called to resolve the case, and Fuyuka persistently asked to join him in investigating.• Fuyuka who almost got trapped by the culprit, was saved by the presence of Heizou. They fought side by side together until Heizou finally collected all the puzzle pieces. The reputation of Haruyuki family got saved; as turned out it was the other competitors that tried to disrepute their business.• Indebted with Heizou, Fuyuka forcefully gave him one month worth of free meal offer. Ever since then, they often met a lot.• Whilst Heizou is a truly smart being, Fuyuka is the opposite of him. However, in solving his cases, Fuyuka somehow managed to bluntly point out a thing Heizou couldn't grasp, without she realized.

Platonic ShipStatus
Yoimiya - Thoma - Kuki Shinobu - Arataki Itto - KiraraFriends in Inazuma City
XianglingShare the same boat of working in a restaurant
Kujou SaraFrightened
SayuOften helps Sayu to run away
GorouSupporter of miss Hina

Lores• Their fate begun from the unexpected meeting in Dragonspine, where Albedo found Laetitia laying down under the cold of the snow piles. He rescued and took her to the camp.• Laetitia proclaims herself as a magician from Fontaine. Despite having friendly gestures with Albedo, the two of them realized how they had hidden some secrets from each other.• But Albedo is the first to realize about it, the behaviours of Laetitia that keeps changing, and her voice that sometimes toned up and down. For few days, Laetitia was kept under his surveillance before finally they decided to go to Mondstadt.• However, in the middle of their walk, Laetitia suddenly attacks Albedo. The two of them got in a serious fight, yet it ended with the tip of Albedo's sword almost stab the throat of Laetitia.• Laetitia later mentioned how she was attacked and pushed down from the upper cliff of dragonspine, and fainted out when Albedo found her. However it was a false prejudice, and the culprit remains mystery. Before the sun set, they solved the misunderstanding and both of them returned to his camp.• The two of them share an amount of information. Laetitia; who has 5 different identities inside her body. Four of the identities were known to be the older sisters of someone she acknowledged as her big brother at the moment.• Laetitia is a 'human' being consisted of transplanted limbs that was sewed onto each other. The heart that she owned at the moment might be belong to the "real Laetitia". Nevertheless, the head, arms and legs were predicted to be belonged to Caladrius' older sisters. The production of Laetitia was made by the Fatui harbringer, Il Dottore.• They parted each other after that however, Laetitia apparently snucked herself to Dragonspine just to interact with Albedo sometimes. She saw him as an interesting being, and wanted to know more about him.• On the other hand, Albedo was piqued by her "condition" that he planned an experiment which was half-jokingly agreed by Laetitia.

Platonic ShipStatus
KleePlaying buddies
Lyney - Lynette - FreminetConsiders them as her little siblings
SucroseShares the same interest in alchemy
FatuiShe is connected with them, but don't really engage

Lores• TBA dulu sayang, belum sempat ngetik.

Platonic ShipStatus
Qingque - SushangFriends
Jing YuanAcquaintance due to her relationship with Yanqing

Lores• Maaf banget ini juga TBA, idenya masih di kepala.

Platonic ShipStatus
Shinobu - MitsuriFriends
YuichiroKinda afraid of him

Lores• Tunggu aja abis CF17.

Platonic ShipStatus
Shinobu - MitsuriFriends
MuichiroUsed to mistook Yuichiro as him

Lores• Tunggu aja abis CF17.

Platonic ShipStatus
Shinobu - MitsuriFriends
MuichiroUsed to mistook Yuichiro as him

Lores• Tunggu aja abis CF17.

Platonic ShipStatus
Shinobu - MitsuriFriends
MuichiroUsed to mistook Yuichiro as him

Lores• Tunggu aja abis CF17.

Platonic ShipStatus
Shinobu - MitsuriFriends
MuichiroUsed to mistook Yuichiro as him

Lores• Tunggu aja abis CF17.

Platonic ShipStatus
Shinobu - MitsuriFriends
MuichiroUsed to mistook Yuichiro as him

Usapuppy Commission

STATUS: OPENCommission Progress

Terms of Service

  1. Deadline may be discussed. Usually it took me 1-2 weeks from the start to the finishing.

  2. References is a must. Minimum references I'd need is the character visual, and expression. Pose reference is optional.

  3. Payment must be done upfront. You are freed to pay 50% first, or full payment.

  4. Payment can be done through PayPal/Ko-Fi in USD, or through BCA in IDR.

  5. Commercial use will cost you twice as much. Please discuss with me first.

  6. The copyright of the art is still mine. Characters commissioned may belong to other parties but the copyright of the art is still mine. This means I am free to use it ONLY for portfolio.

  7. I have the right to refuse or cancel the commission if you can't follow my conditions.

  8. Refund is not accepted unless I'm unable to finish the order due to circumstances.

  9. Check my do & don't.

How Revisions Work

1. Sketch.
♦ For a major change (such as pose/concept) MAX 2 times.
♦ Minor revision that doesn't change concept/pose entirely MAX 5 times.
2. Artline.
Revision: Unlimited, but MAJOR POSE CHANGE is prohibited
3. Base Color.
Revision: Unlimited.
4. Finishing.
Revision: Only minor revision can be done (e.g. color correction / adding simple objects)

OC x CanonElderly
Detailed clothes/accMecha







Notes:1. Price listed in USD.
2. For IDR rate : price x 10k
3. Price decided is for one figure only.
4. Price is for personal use only. Please have a discussion with me if commercial use needed.
5. The price hasn't included for details and background, a discussion would be necessary.
6. Please check background prices below for references.

Pet≥ 5
Character details≥ 5
Background color + little objects / assetsFree
Minimalist concept background5-25
Buildings background≥ 45

Samples of background with only colors, little objects or simple assets.

Samples of background with minimalist concepted.
The concept of background remains, while it wasn't done with much details.
(e.g. you know left is underwater, center is in the forest or lake, right is flower garland)

Samples of detailed background.
Usually involves furnitures, buildings, and architectures.


1. Make sure you already read my terms of service.
2. Contact/send a message to any of my social media accounts.
3. Fill the form.
4. Note: (I wouldn't download any kind of ZIP/RAR/such type of files. You can prepare references in a drive, or send it directly by message.)

Form templateName/username:
Commission type & amount:
Details & References:

Name/username: Chang
Commission type & amount: Sketch halfbody for 2 figures. Chibi rendered icon 1 figure.Details & References:
1. I want the expression/pose like this...
2. Here's my character references...
E-mail: [email protected] (for payment/result mail purpose)